Lymph Saving VASER Liposuction
  • Lipedema is a disease of genetically influenced fat cells that absorb redundant water and enlarge.
  • This swelled fat tissue compresses lymphatic channels (edema), capillary vessels (easy bruising) and nerves (pain and discomfort).
  • Lymph Saving VASER Liposuction is the treatment method of choice with consistent and reliable results.

Treatment of Lipedema with High Volume "Lymph Saving VASER Liposuction" in One Surgery

Lipedema Surgeon, Reviews

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My Lipoedema treatment and Dr. Yener Demirtas is a wonderful man who has changed my life!

Where do I begin I went to Turkey in April to get liposuction with clinic centre met the most awful surgeon he didn’t spot I had Lipedema! So I didn’t use him.

Lucky for me at the hotel I met a lady who had just had lipodema surgery with dr demirtas. So when I got back to the uk a spoke to him. We arranged a date for surgery I met with his lovely pa to have my hospital test then dr demirtas. I had surgery on the 28th June I didn’t cope well with the anaesthetic but dr dealt with it even at 3 15 in the morning he spoke to me!

The hospital is the best I have ever been in and the nurses were super amazing! I don’t know else to say apart from the man is a Genius!


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What Is Lipoedema? All Wanted To Known About Lipoedema

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Lipedema Evaluation Form
Haute Couture” Body Contouring for Lipedema Patients

Lipedema Surgery

No lipedema patients are same. Every single patient needs a personal evaluation and deserves an individualized treatment plan. Lymph Saving VASER Liposuction is the milestone of the process, supported by an exclusive healthy nutrition and exercise regime for the postoperative period.


VASER device reduces the amount of water infiltration into adipose tissue before liposuction and by sparing lymphatic channels, allows more delicate final touchs.

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